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Bohemia Crystalline - Velkoobchod
Export - Sklo
Tovární 417
471 54 Cvikov
Czech Republic

Tel.: +420 487 721 893
Fax: +420 487 712 540
Mobile: +420 777 696 662

About us

BOHEMIA CLEAR was founded in 2001 as the export organization of the largest Czech manufactures of glassware, Crystalex Nový Bor, Sklo Bohemia Světlá, Sklárny Bohemia Poděbrady, Sklárny Kavalier Sázava and other manufactures in the Czech Republic.

We export as traditonal manual production as modern automatic technology from crystal glass, lead crystal and borosilicate glass in a wide range of products for furnishing houses and interiors.

BOHEMIA CLEAR belongs to the most remarkable Czech exporters of glassware in the Czech Republic with several milions turnover of sale per year.

Our bussines activitty is fully concentrated to export all over the world.

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